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New Projects


We design and build for the most demanding, without mediocrity and monotony, giving special emphasis to the sense of design and character of each building to fully represent the modern needs and your unique personality.

Pick or order a draft of your choice in a unique version.


We adapt it legally and constructively, depending on the area of the plot.


We build  your choice within 10 months at most.


It is important to note that the following projects are drafts and the main difference from the final plans is that the final plans include static studies as well as adaptation studies to the respective New Building Regulation (NOK).


The purpose of the drafts is to make it easier for the customer to find the design of their choice quickly and economically. The first is possible because the customer will have already chosen from the base of our drafts and secondly, the need to create some plans for final acceptance is eliminated, something that is always calculated as an additional cost.



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