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Недвижимость в Халкидики,  ВНЖ в Греции


Real Estate | Construction | Development

PRONAON Company is actively engaged in sale of real estate, renovation and custom construction of any type of building, focusing on selective architecture, practicality and location, without never neglecting the investment prospects.


The era when the house was a simple need for living, turned into, at least, the need for spiritual harmony, practicality, and at the same time an investment. All the properties offered by us take into account the aforementioned aspects, thus giving the buyer the opportunity to choose the method by which he will utilize his investment.

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In construction, our difference lies in the fact that all projects are individualized and always have the character of the owner. We work using costume order method, where the architecture can be selected either on our website or done according to the description of the interested party. In any case, the drafts are unique as they are not redesigned or resold.

Modern Villa


For non-residents of the European Union, the process of investing and obtaining a Residence Permit (Golden Visa) has never been easier. Our company has a specialized legal department for the completion of relevant procedures.


In case of purchase or construction of real estate through PRONAON, a discount of at least 40% is given.

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If the acquisition of real estate is more focused on investment, we are next to fully undertake the relevant issues such as property financial management, renovations, repairs, etc., providing online access to the property through an electronic account, where the owner monitors the condition of the property both through photographic material and through monthly reports.

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